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Scarlett Johansson thought she could ”take down” Chris Hemsworth.

Scarlett Johansson  is promoting ”an inflated idea” of her own strength since playing Black Widow

Scarlett said: ”I have an inflated idea of my own strength now (since playing Black Widow). I remember standing beside Chris Hemsworth and punching his arm and beating his stomach and I almost felt like I could take down someone of his size. I feel I could take on anyone in the street and that is ultimately going to get me into trouble!”

Scarlett also admitted that it is not only her lack of physical strength that is different from her ‘Avengers’

Scarlett said: ”I’m hyper sensitive. She has to remain distant and grey in some way. I’m not that way, I don’t think.

”I’m not a tomboy but I’m not a princess. I don’t really think of how I am, or how I come across, to be honest. I’m just Scarlett, and everyone is who they are.”

Scarlett Johansson Was “Pretty Pregnant” While Filming ‘Avengers’

Scarlett Johansson talk with The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she have a good ‘Pregnant’ time while filming Avengers: Age of Ultron

“I shot this film while I was pretty pregnant which is kind of crazy.” she open up. When Ellen asked if she had any morning sickness Scarlett said

“No, I was really happy to be working. I never thought I would be working in that condition. I was pretty big”

Ellen asked how she hidden her baby bump she just said “It just magically went away. (by) Movie magic”

“Everybody had to be nice to me which was cool, I felt like I kind of got a free pass. There’s a lot of guys, I mean, now we have [Elizabeth Olsen] and [Cobie Smulders] both in it, which is helpful.

“I surround myself with like an army of women to kind of protect me against all the testosterone.” Then, she joked, “We’re talking about actors! They’re very delicate.”