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Scarlett Johansson co-SodaStream secret of continental campaign

Scarlett Johansson has joined the continent’s Secret campaign SodaStream, the report said SodaStream will lead the campaign to increase the knowing of the cemetery’s trash accumulation of waste floating in the Pacific Ocean that is twice the dimensions of Texas.

Imagine a resort destination continent secret SodaStream Genesis to be able to bring focus to the environmental damage that occurs in the Pacific. Harm the human world is astounding produce 1 billion plastic bottles every day and the garbage patch is done, one component of a million tons of plastic pollution annually.

Meanwhile, SodaStream’s Global Brand Ambassador, Scarlett Johansson, has signed the petition and it is an enormous supporter of the cause. She admit

“I am honored to be a part of a project that is powered by such noble intentions and goals. The Secret Continent inspires people to change the way they live. Products like SodaStream aid in the reduction of our carbon footprint, a feat that is vital to preserving the planet for our children.”

Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream. has open up

“SodaStream is steadfast in our mission to elevate awareness for reducing the amount of plastic waste, The Secret Continent is a disruptive way to make people stop and rethink how they drink, from what they’re putting into their bodies to how they’re safeguarding the planet”

Johansson lives of the character in “Under the Skin”

Scarlett Johansson has talk about her role in latest movie “Under the Skin” she said :

“The character itself is not really what drew me in” She said

Scarlett describe how she feel when read the script

“The themes of the film weren’t as epic as I think they feel now, It took me several weeks of shooting to figure out what I was playing. I think it was impossible to get a handle on that character without having like three weeks of footage under our belt. Just to know, what has she experienced? What’s her reaction?”

“I think the idea of self, especially as I get older — I think I’m not afraid to ask myself questions about my true self,” she says. “I think when you get older you start to get curious about yourself in a different way, not just how can I get what I want? But more of the existential questions of what do I like? Why does this bother me? What don’t I like about myself that I’m afraid to admit? Or, where are my strengths and weaknesses, and why does it make me uncomfortable to acknowledge them?”

She washed herself to be sure she sees each new knowledge about reference memory is not as challenging

“I spent two weeks convincing everyone on the production that this was a terrible idea,” Johannson says.

“It’s unsafe. Who knows what could happen? The first [assistant director] was on my side. The producer said, ‘I don’t know what Jonathan is thinking!’ Then I get a knock on my door. ‘Are you ready to get in the van?’ “She reluctantly went along, driving the van wearing a cheap wig and fur coat with Glazer and the crew stuffed in the back. He began suggesting people for her to pull up to. One she noticed was talking to himself; another had a knife. She began looking for people who wouldn’t pose a threat and didn’t look like they were going home to their families. “That looks like a lonely drifter. There’s a possibility. Then I realized I know how to do this better than Jonathan does, and I can just let him witness it happening.”

Scarlett Johansson on Ryan Reynolds Divorce : ‘The Loneliest Thing’

Scarlett Johanssona just open up about her ex Ryan Reynolds. say that is ‘The Loneliest Thing’

She told C Magazine “It was a very lonely thing. It’s like the loneliest thing you’ll ever do, in some ways, I’ve had a fair amount of time to process the experience and go forward. I continue to get to know myself better as I get older, and that helps me in my relationships”