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Robert Downey Jr. : Scarlett Johansson will be ‘great’ mum

Scarlett Johansson’s The Avengers & Iron man co-star Robert Downey Jr. said she’s will be ‘great’ mother

He told E! News,

‘I think she’s going to be a great mum. Boy, oh boy! I can’t believe that she was so pregnant during the filming of ‘The Avengers 2′ Now she finally had the baby so she’ll remember those as the good old days.’

Scarlett Johansson Welcomes baby girl!

Scarlett Johansson just gave birth to her first child with Fiancé Romain Dauriac

The baby is girl was born on Thursday (Sept 4th) in New York City Scarlett named her daughter as Rose Dorothy which The infant’s middle name is an homage to Johansson’s grandmother

publicist Marcel Pariseau tells the Associated Press that “Mother and daughter are doing well,”

Robert Downey Jr requires Black Widow movie

Iron man actor, Robert Downey Jr also wanted for Black Widow movie! He told USA Today newspaper:

“I think that the interesting thing particularly after Guardians with Zoe [Saldana, or] even from the first ‘Iron Man’ where Pepper was kind of this really – to me the ‘Iron Man’ franchise would never have taken off without [Gwyneth] Paltrow.”

“There’s something about her that grounded the story. She’s not your typical lady in a superhero movie, and then by Iron Man 3 she’s swallowing serums and putting on suits and kicking [butt] and all that stuff. But it would be kind of more appropriate for a character that already was like a Black Widow [to lead a movie]. It just seems like whatever Scarlett does, people want to go see it.”

Scarlett Johansson’ s Political Act

Planned Parenthood Action cover hit the Hollywood doyenne To highlight the role of healthy women in elections this year.

Scarlett may seem an odd choice, but for anyone watching raids Planned Parenthood Action Fund on defense for celebrities, it should not be a surprise.

A year ago, Johansson caused Planned Parenthood to help enroll people in insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act Health. In 2012, she made ​​women’s health a central theme in his speech at the Democratic National Convention. And in 2011, the importance of health centers Planned Parenthood for basic preventive care for women ‘into a catchy one-minute video was discussed. Now she is designing shirts for the cause

“When I heard that some politicians were cheering the Supreme Court’s decision to give bosses the right to interfere in our access to birth control, I thought I had woken up in another decade, Like many of my friends, I was appalled by the thought of men taking away women’s ability to make our own personal health care decisions.” Johansson said.

And her new effort will be the firstly three celebrity-designed clothes that’ll be released ahead of the midterms.

Jessica Chastain asked ‘Where is the Scarlett Johansson Superhero Movie?’

The “Eleanor Rigby” star Jessica Chastain asked Hollywood. in regards to the perplexing not enough great roles for females, even if it makes financial sense. she claimed to Scarlett Johansson who played as Black Widow and Lucy in latest film which showing Super power on women

Chastain request Hollywood to make Women’s stand-alone movie and she believed that can make money!

“Where is the Scarlett Johansson superhero movie? I don’t understand it, why is it taking so long for this?” Chastain asked TheWrap, rhetorically and with no small degree of animation. “This woman clearly shows that people want to go see her in the movies. ‘Lucy,’ didn’t it beat ‘Hercules’ by a lot opening weekend, when it was made for a lot less? She shows that she kicks ass, she’s a great actress. ‘Under the Skin’ is an incredible film, and why are we still waiting for a go-ahead on a superhero movie starring Scarlett Johansson?

“To me, it’s a no-brainer,” she added. “You want to make money, put Scarlett Johansson in a superhero movie!”